Control of Dynamic Influence:

What shapes the outcomes of a networked society?

The influence of a person or channel is typically measured using static measures (such as centrality).

Even the majority of work on influence that considers societal dynamics only investigates static seeding.

I study how dynamic influence can be measured.

Grid-Scale Batteries and Electric Vehicles:

The integration of renewables in the grid requires a simultaneous increase in storage to mitigate generation uncertainty.

I study how batteries & electric vehicles should be charged/discharged to meet goals and to minimize operation costs.

These studies will help elucidate the economic case for storage.

Dynamic Control of Epidemics and Epidemic Processes:

Epidemics are some of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century.

We now have more data than ever before that we can leverage in designing dynamic interventions.

Furthermore, epidemic models neatly capture problems in cyber-security and data transfer.

I use epidemiological modeling to design optimal containment and spreading policies using optimal control theory.