Reviewer for:

  1. Trans. Automatic Control (TAC)
  2. Trans. Control of Networked Systems (TCNS)
  3. Trans. Network Science & Engineering (TNSE)
  4. Trans. Information Forensics & Security (TIFS)
  5. Trans. Information Theory (T-IT)
  6. Trans. Mobile Computing (TMC)
  7. Trans. Networking (ToN)
  8. Trans. Wireless Communications (TWC)
  9. IEEE Communication Letters
  10. IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS)
  11. IEEE Access
  12. Automatica
  13. PLOS Computational Biology
  14. ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems
  15. Performance Evaluation
  16. Social Network Analysis & Mining
  1. PC Member: AAMAS ’18
  2. PC Member: AAAI ’19
  3. PC Member: AAMAS ’19
  4. IEEE WiOpt ’16
  5. IEEE MIM ’16
  6. IFAC World Congress ’17
  7. IEEE NetSciCom ’17
  8. IEEE CDC ’18
  9. IEEE CDC ’19


  1. IEEE (since 2008)
  2. IEEE Control Systems Society (since 2014)

I convened the Penn ESE PhD Colloquium throughout 2014.

Startups and Consulting:

2014–16 Founder and Advisor SmartTrack

The School District of Philadelphia was in a no-win situation: No textbooks, poor student outcomes, and funding cuts.

At Penn, our team of 4 developed, designed, and rolled out a solution for managing inventory (e.g., textbooks, musical instruments, and computing equipment) for large, low-income school districts such as the School District of Philadelphia.

We won the Penn Public Policy Challenge ’15, and placed second in the National Fels Policy Challenge ’15. Our work has been featured in Governing magazine and we were one of 9 (out of 300) teams accepted to EDSi accelerator at Penn.

2015–16 VP of Education

Only 1 out of every 5 PhD graduates becomes a professor. Management consulting is a great outside option, as (in my experience) it is fun, dynamic, and impactful.

At Cornell, I created and curated a progression of 7 events to increase interest and improve interview success in the membership. I also put together and MC’ed a panel of Advanced Degree consultants who shared their experiences.

Finally, I led 6 pro-bono consultants over 3 months to devise a marketing plan for a local mobile tourism startup.

2014–15 Co-chair Penn Graduate Case Competition

Pro-bono consulting, and in particular the annual case competition, are ingrained parts of the PhD experience at Penn.

I organized the logistics, client selection, case creation, and sponsorship with my 5-member team and MC’ed the event.

We out-raised our maximum cost projections by 110% and increased diversity of internal and external participants (with 9 sponsors and 5 schools represented). Furthermore, the winning proposal was implemented by the case client within 3 months.