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15 Jul 2017

After a long hiatus, I’ll try to give this blogging thing another go :)

Having seen the excellent blogs and twitter-feeds in computer science and (especially) mathematical biology and the intellectually invigorating conversations they foster, I am curious to see how blogging will work in my field (which seems to have been mostly by-passed by the collaborative science revolution).

So here’s my plan:

I am subscribed to three of arXiv’s excellent update e-mails daily (under the sub-topics math, cs, and q-bio). While this is excellent to keep up with the work of wonderful people like you, sometimes I want to discuss the papers in more detail to understand their significance. However, arXiv is mostly a one-way platform, and our department is small and very diverse, so that it is rare to have two people specializing in/interested in one sub-field.

In a recent conversation, one of my colleagues expressed the same frustration, which I have taken as a reason to act. I will try to every-so-often write a brief note about a recent arXiv submission. I would be grateful for all feedback.

Watch this space!

P.S. YINS’s diversity was, and is, one of its main attractions for me. So much cool stuff happening in such a small space. Do check out what my colleagues and mentors are working on!

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